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- "Dear Pedro, Just wanted to tell you what a first class job you did for me giving me the chance to see into the distance (something I had always longed for). I am so pleased and grateful to you and all the staff working with you, everyone was so pleasent. It is a "miracle" you performed. Thanks a Million to all of you. I am soon to be 80 and can see all the things I have missed. Wish i was 17 again!" Patient after having bilateral Cataract Surgery
- "Dear Mr Muel-Gonzalez, Thank you very much for all you have done for me, this operation will make a huge improvement in my quality of life" Patient after gold weight implant to improve eyelid closure after facial nerve paralysis
- "Dear Mr Muel, I´d like to express my gratitude for all what you have done for me. Both cataract surgeries have been a great success and I can drive again!" Patient after bilateral cataract surgery