- "Dear Pedro, Just wanted to tell you what a first class job you did for me giving me the chance to see into the distance (something I had always longed for). I am so pleased and grateful to you and all the staff working with you, everyone was so pleasent. It is a "miracle" you performed. Thanks a Million to all of you. I am soon to be 80 and can see all the things I have missed. Wish i was 17 again!" Patient after having bilateral Cataract Surgery
- "Dear Mr Muel-Gonzalez, Thank you very much for all you have done for me, this operation will make a huge improvement in my quality of life" Patient after gold weight implant to improve eyelid closure after facial nerve paralysis
- "Dear Mr Muel, I´d like to express my gratitude for all what you have done for me. Both cataract surgeries have been a great success and I can drive again!" Patient after bilateral cataract surgery

- "What a Transformation! Previously I always felt that my eyes made me look tired and rather unhappy. After surgery, my eyes looked brighter and for the first time reflected how I felt about myself.

Many thanks to Jill for her support and efficiency and special thanks to my surgeon Mr Muel-Gonzalez, who effected this transformation."

Mrs J H from Derby. January 2020. Eyelid Clinic Stoke-on-Trent

- "What an Excellent team!

I would like to say that I am absolutely thrilled with my eyes. My scars have healed well and I feel like my eyes are open again. I can’t thank you (Jill) and Mr Gonzalez enough. What an excellent Team!   Mrs MK  Crewe , Cheshire. Eyelid Clinic Stoke-on-Trent

- "5* Service.

I had been unhappy with my sagging eyelids for a few years, and felt that my eyes were half closed most of the time and gradually getting worse. After about 2 or 3 years of dreaming about having them corrected I decided to make enquiries. I searched on-line for a reputable surgeon and found the website for ‘The Eyelid Centre’. I made my first enquiry via telephone and spoke to a lady called Jill Heath. Jill answered all my questions fully and was very knowledgeable about the procedures available and the costs.

Jill arranged a consultation with surgeon, Mr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez, which was to take place a couple of weeks later. During this time, Jill kept in touch with me either by email or phone and was easily available to speak to if I needed some advice, her ‘customer service’ skills are second to none.

On the day of my consultation Jill met me at reception and I was introduced to Mr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez who explained to me in great detail what the procedure entailed. He took various measurements of my eyes and agreed that he could perform the operation.

In July 2019 I attended the clinic for my operation. Throughout the procedure Mr Muel-Gonzalez explained to me what he was about to do and what I would experience. I was constantly asked if I was comfortable and they even played my favourite music to listen to whilst they operated. I felt no pain at all and the whole procedure was done within an hour.

From start to finish I was treated with courtesy and respect a truly 5 star service, all in all a very positive experience. I would definitely recommend The Eyelid Centre.

MK – Crewe      16/07/2019 Eyelid Clinic Stoke-on-Trent

-Lens Replacemet Surgery 

Having worn glasses since I was a child (7 years old) I had toyed with the idea of surgery for a couple of years. I am very long sighted and have a pretty high prescription +7 for distance with an extra +1 for reading making my varifocal specs +8 for reading. I also had a history of a squint since childhood. I attended Optical Express store at Merry Hill and had the initial consultation with Carly and Sheena (the optomostrist) was told that I would not be suitable for laser surgery although could have Lens Replacement surgery. 
It was with some trepidation I decided to go forward with this - to be absolutely honest I felt pretty frightened about the whole thing.
I requested to be referred to Manchester St Johns primarily because my sister in law had had successful surgery there a few years previously. I was therefore referred to consultant Mr Gonzalez at St Johns Manchester.
I attended pre-surgery appointment and was given very thorough eye examination on high tech machinery. Mr Gonzalez suggested I do a trial of contact lens to see if I could adapt to Monovision. (One eye corrected to distance and the other to near vision) . If `I was able to adapt to Monovision then it was the best chance of making me completely glasses free, otherwise I would need to have correction for distance and accept the fact that I would need a weak pair of glasses for reading. Apparently because of my history of squint Monofocal lens implants were going to be best for me.
What I didn’t realise at this time was that swimming is absolutely out of the question for a few weeks after surgery - Mr Gonzalez advised me under no circumstances should I even contemplate any risk of getting swimming pool water in my eyes until all Post Operative healing was complete. He was very firm about this - I already had a beach holiday booked and therefore had to cancel the surgery dates until after my holiday - this was all done without any problem.

In the mean time the Merry Hill store fitted me with contact lens and I wore them for several days - it didn’t take me long to decide to opt for Monovision correction.
Surgery days arrived (each eye a week apart) and I was absolutely terrified, but the staff at Saint Johns Manchester could not have been better. They really helped put me at ease, answered all questions I had and at times helped alleviate my nerves by making me laugh. The operation itself was totally painless and very quick (I was In Theatre around 15 - 20 minutes each eye)
I am now several days Post Op having completed surgery for both eyes.
I can’t begin to explain how it’s made me feel - the difference in my vision is absolutely astounding. Even though the healing process isn’t yet complete I can already do everything without specs - reading driving tv - my eyes adjust without any issues. After a lifetime of glasses it’s totally liberating.
Words cannot express enough thanks to all those who helped me on this journey, Mr Gonzalez, Anasthetic Staff, Nurses, Optomostrists, Admin Staff Etc at Saint Johns Manchester, and to both Carly (who just held everything together for me when all I wanted to do was run a mile !) and Sheena the optomostrist at Merry Hill Store of Optical Express.
All of you played your part in doing something wonderful - you changed a persons life for the better. My Grateful thanks to all of you

Debbie - October 2018 - Manchester